Notes from Fedora 19 Core i7 Z77 virtualization

Simple enough goal:  run win7 under Fedora 19 on a new system (Intel Core i7-3770, Z77 chipset) and be able to use a brother ADS-2000 scanner and its windows drivers, which require direct access to a USB-2 port.  I checked that the i7-3770 has virtualization features, but I didn’t realize I would also need to check the chipset.  Intel says the Z77 chipset does not support Vt-d.  A few people (who? look in browser history, later) say they got it to work, and linux kernel reports that there is an iommu.

This blog is intended to be a web-log, a place to refer to pages I’ve read and to preserve the important point I was looking for.  Like does I/O virtualization work with the Z77 chipset, even though Intel says it doesn’t?  Or maybe it works sometimes, or some chips work and some don’t depending on some detail of the chip fab process…


Also I want to record, for each X, how I managed to get X to work under the latest released Fedora when X does not work out of the box.

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